Goodbye for now. Last ever distant healing @ Source Of Healing.

A final passage to mark the end of my blog. Well, I can’t really say it’s been a busy blog on my part. The goal and ambition was great at the beginning. And it still is! But I need to do things differently now. I am finding a new way. What that will look like I do not know yet. Exciting!

This blog was an extension of my Facebook page Source Of Healing where I began in 2012 offering free distant healing every other week. This page was an extension into my creativity where I could express and create differently than what Facebook allowed.

For the past 18 months I have taken myself by the horns to reorder my entire life and on many levels. If timing goes to plan I will be launching my first ever proper business by the end of this Summer 2016. It’s been over 10 years in the making. A Hair Salon, fusing together Energy Healing, Nature and Wellbeing. All my passions and skills will be coming together into something more Whole and New. A way to do things better than ever. So my choice in ending this page and others I have formed over the years is a way of letting go, releasing all of what was and streamlining my focus into the next big chapter of my life. A reset in some ways. I am taking everything I have ever learned to build a fuller me and a new and improved life with it. Of course, I will still be me. I am learning who I am more and more each day. New beginnings are running through my veins with a desire to do things even better than I ever have in all the things that I love to do.

My biggest goodbye is to the Healing Bowl at Source Of Healing. And Source Of Healing. I’ll be doing one last Healing Bowl and Prayer Bowl session before I bring it all to an end. That session will be taking place Wednesday the 8th of June 2016 at 10pm GMT.

A full description on the Healing Bowl and Prayer Bowl with what they are all about can be found when you click on either of the links below. This is where you requests for healing can be placed and prayers can be amplified by placing them into the comments section.

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This week’s dynamic energies (23.05.2016 – 29.05.2016)

This week is all about getting done the things that need to be done. And not just in the physical and practical sense, although I am working through an important decent sized list of things I really need to do to get myself up to date with my workload. It is more than that. It’s about working on the parts of ourselves that are no longer working for us. And starting with our very own Self. The relationship we have with our Self is the most important one of all! Without respecting and acting on the very things that we know bring real happiness and balance to our lives, how can we expect any other relationship to thrive and bring joy to both sides? Personal relationships, our relationship to our environment, nature, spirit, every physical object and level of psychic activity is included here. It seems overwhelming when considering what constitutes being a Human truly IS! The depth and expanse is infinite.

So many levels of existence all nicely packed into a Whole yet intimately connected to ALL. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and much much more more!

My style of ironing out the creases and purging out the crap this week is to find the biggest area of resistance I’m currently experiencing and working on that. One thing at a time. It gets easier after that 😃

I had to have a little test run yesterday because I have been resisting some things for so long that I had got used to living that way! So I worked through some of my tick list of things to do and let go of some things I no longer needed. The energy in and around me today has now powered up from addressing all that I did yesterday.

This is a week of action and if we are struggling and have struggled for some time to make big changes then we have the energies of this week making things easier if we simply open ourselves up to them and decide to put the energy into giving change a go 😊

This week feels easier to release and drop any pointless fears holding us back in life.

Now is not the time to deny progress in any area of our Being.


The 2nd Healing Bowl session is here! 😃

Following on from the first of two distant healing sessions this week from the Healing Bowl at Source Of Healing is today’s blessing! The energy of this week has been one of constant change and fluctuations. It’s been building up and up for an almighty much needed overhaul on mass. It’s been a roller coaster in experience, of inner events all coming up and out for careful analysis to then release as many outdated beliefs and behaviours on all levels as thoroughly as possible. This has inevitably been mirrored in the external environment around us and across planet Earth. How each of us felt this week was determined by whether we put up a resistance fight or allowed ourselves to flow with it. Maybe we did a bit of both. Our emotional body was certainly worked on this week and our mental body closely followed. All of us being in essence, cleansed and purified and prepped for a much clearer energy field to literally live in and operated from.

Which, brings me on to today’s Healing Bowl session! Today I’ll be bringing in a powerful Reiki symbol I was taught during my training as a Reiki Master Teacher. It is called a Grace Healing using a technique called ‘The Bridge of Souls’. This is one of my favourite Reiki techniques I use. Although not often I must add. It is powerful and highly cleansing and invigorating. This technique washes away all energetic ties  and connections, energy debris and unblocks stuck energy throughout every layer of our Being. It assists in, and often is enough to get us off the repetitive cycle of undesired habitual living we often find ourselves doing over and over and over again and yet so desperately want to move on from. This can be on any level. Physical, mental and emotional. It aligns us to our Higher Self, our Soul and aligns us to the Divine bringing about a freshly restored harmonious balance.

I share with you;

The Invocation of Grace

‘Let all beings, throughout all time, throughout all space, throughout all dimensions, and all planes of existence and non existence, be forever liberated from all suffering, and fully experience the eternal joy of supreme liberation, now fully manifest!’

Please wholeheartedly use this invocation for yourself in your own spiritual practice and meditations.

This distant healing will be taking place today, 10pm GMT. (22.05.2016)

A full description on the Healing Bowl and Prayer Bowl with what they are all about can be found when you click on either of the links below. This is where you requests for healing can be placed and prayers can be amplified by placing them into the comments section.

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The first of two healing bowl sessions for this week from Source Of Healing

Usually when I do a double distant healing session in one week, I usually create one post for the two dates. This week I feel both posts should be seperate. The energy is going to feel very different towards the end of this week compared to now and so the two distant healing sessions will both bring forth very different healing energy. This healing session will be infused with Angelic healing and will strengthen the bond and our connection to our own Guardian Angels. This really makes sense to me now as we are moving quite rapidly within our own inner psyche and learning a great deal about ourselves and reality. It is going to help if we can stay centred as much as possible and connect to Spirit. The Angels and our Guardian Angels want us to know that they can really help us in all the right ways, smoothing life out by supporting us to support ourselves and each other. So now is the time (if you don’t already do so) to give them your acknowledgement and ask for some genuine help from the Angels. What more could we ask for? We have Angels waiting to help us!

The first of two Healing Bowl sessions will take place on Wednesday 18th of May 2016 at 10pm GMT.

Everyone who’s name is in the healing bowl will feel this wave of healing when it is sent on some level from this first healing of the week. Enjoy 😄😇

A full description on the Healing Bowl and Prayer Bowl with what they are all about can be found when you click on either of the links below. This is where you requests for healing and prayers can be amplified by placing them into the comments section.

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